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How to Find M Diamond Ranch

GPS DOES NOT ALWAYS WORK WELL IN THIS AREA, but you can use Google Maps or this latitude and longitude – 34.615-111.717 – or the driving directions below. Please allow 45 minutes travel time from most Sedona locations.

From Sedona, drive south on SR 179 to I-17, go under the overpass, and you will be on Forest Road 618 (NF 618). You will go a TOTAL of 7 miles on 618. It is helpful to set your odometer when you go under the overpass, especially if you are not used to driving on country roads.

From Phoenix or Flagstaff, exit I-17 at exit 298 (Sedona), turn south, away from Sedona, and continue on Forest Road 618 (NF 618). You will go a TOTAL of 7 miles on 618. You may wish to set your odometer.

AT THE “Y” WHERE THE MAILBOXES ARE, BEAR RIGHT AND CONTINUE on NF 618 for 4.5 MORE miles and look for the entrance to the M Diamond Ranch on your left (NF 9201 H). Note: the road becomes dirt/ gravel after you pass Beaver Creek and bears to the right just past the V Bar V Heritage Site. The US Forest Service maintains this road to be accessible by passenger vehicles, but conditions do vary with the weather. You should be fine in any normal passenger vehicle, but we wouldn’t recommend coming to the ranch in a low slung sports car!